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French Smoked Oak brushed Plank 1-Strip XL 4V

The healthy living alternative to vinyl flooring. This newly developed eco-friendly floor solution from flooring specialist HARO is produced from innovative materials that ensure that the product is completely free from PVC and plasticisers.

French Smoked Oak is 100% PVC free, plasticiser free & waterproof. A beautiful feature in our New Zealand range. HARO DISANO Classic Aqua is the ultimate in healthy living.

DISANO is warm, comfortable to walk on, suitable for wet rooms, pet friendly, and easy to clean. DISANO has similar benefits to vinyl flooring but has the huge advantage of creating a healthy living environment for you and your family.

  • ID No: 535701
  • Name: French Smoked Oak
  • Series: Classic Aqua
  • Colour: Brown
  • Wood: Oak
  • Surface Texture: Brushed
  • Bevel: 4V
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Format: Plank 1-Srip XL
  • Pack Size: 5 planks per pack (2.39m²)
  • Dimension (HxWxL): 9.3 x 235 x 2035mm
  • Installation: Glued or Floating


1. The SilentSense surface with its authentic wood look is elastic, soft and comfortably warm. It protects the floor, provides it with durability and is easy to clean.

2. The ElastoTec layer provides additional elasticity and walking comfort. It protects the floor from dents and penetrating moisture while ensuring improved stability.

3. The AquaReject core board based on natural materials is particularly resistant against swelling. This is why DISANO Classic Aqua is also suitable for glue-down installation in damp rooms (A0).

4. High-density cork insulation layer for reduction of room and footfall sound, as well as optimised walking comfort (1.2 mm).

Disano Flooring Construction

Care and Cleaning

Care and cleaning of HARO flooring is a breeze with the Clean and Green cleaning products which have been produced specifically for use on HARO flooring. For more information please click here.

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