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Laminate Flooring Construction

Laminate Flooring

The overlay – nearly as hard as a diamond

To make HARO Laminate Floors particularly durable (keyword: micro scratch resistance), we finish the upper layer – the overlay – with corundum, the second hardest mineral after the diamond. But also the transparency of the overlay is of decisive importance: only by this the authentic look of the wood reproductions can be ensured. By the way: HARO has its own resin coating and creates its own overlays – of course with continuous quality controls in the production process for the necessary durability, scratch resistance and strength.

The decorative layer – guarantees highest naturalness

Our decorative laminate is produced by means of classical intaglio print with up to 4 print colours. Substrate material is white or coloured and lightfast special paper soaked in melamine resin and therefore resistant to moisture. An effort, that is well worth it: for an expressive depth effect, maximum brilliance and intense colouration.

High-strength coreboard for maximum structure stability

The HDF coreboard is made of 80% softwood with a high volume weight for a extra structure stability and swell proof to protect it against moisture.

Beautiful from the outside – Quality on the inside

By now, HARO Laminate Floor has been a lasting success story for 25 years. This is not only due to particularly authentic wood reproductions that are almost indistinguishable from the original, but also because of the elaborate technical construction of our laminate floors. Do not expect anything less than Highest Premium Quality for lasting joy with your HARO Laminate Floor. 


  1. Overlay, specially impregnated (durable protective layer)
  2. Decorative laminate, specially impregnated
  3. aquaResist® special moisture control HDF E1 coreboard
  4. Balancing laminate
Board dimensions8 x 193 x 1282 mm (thickness x width x length)
Abrasion classAC4
Silent Pro / Silent CT2 mm thick
Level of use23/32 (For high-traffic residential and commercial applications)
WarrantyUp to 25 Years
Impact classIC 2
Scratch resistanceGrade 4
Antistatic classASF2

aquaTec top connect warranty laminate  made in germany

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