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DISANO Flooring Plank Size

Disano Flooring

XL Long Plank – the greatest for your home.

Extra long, extra wide, especially authentic thanks to the bevelled edges on the long and short sides: a really trendy format. Our XL boards in the DISANO Classic / Classic Aqua range are an outstanding miracle of space. 

A real treasure for a stylish atmosphere. The authentic appearance of the long planks is rounded off by their bevelled edges on four sides: the board edges are chamfered on the long and short sides. This emphasises the character of the board in an impressively vivid way as with real parquet.

DISANO Classic Aqua

The comfortable one.

Our design floors offer a pleasant soft feeling underfoot thanks to the additional elasticity with the ElastoTec layer. The HydroResist coreboard makes DISANO Classic resistant to moisture, while DISANO Classic Aqua even uses an AquaReject coreboard, which makes the floor especially resistant to moisture and therefore also suitable for installation in the bathroom or kitchen. The exclusive long plank format with both Classic variants in especially natural looking styles creates an impressive sensation of space.

disano classic

Dimensions: 9.3 x 235 x 2035 mm

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