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CELENIO Wood Tile – The Unique Wood Floor

CELENIO combines the warmth and cosiness of wood with the elegant look of stone. The look of the exclusive CELENIO Wood Floor could be mistaken for stone or slate, but the essence is the natural raw material wood that assumes the shape of a three-dimensional floorboard.

Nice and warm underfoot, elastic, break-resistant and easy to install – even over underfloor heating – CELENIO pleases the eye with natural colours and authentic textures of stone, concrete, slate or textile. In CELENIO nature shows its most beautiful aspects. Looking just like stone, HARO’s unique wood floor adds a new dimension to interior design. The advantages are clear, as stone tiles are cool whereas CELENIO adds warmth, comfort and cosiness. Anyone walking on the floor for the first time is baffled: It looks like tile, but it’s so nice and warm.

  • Brand name quality from Germany’s leading wood flooring manufacturer
  • Brand-name quality – made in Germany
  • Innovative product made of Harolith1 wood-based material
  • Special modern surface textures and colours
  • Warm to the touch and comfortable
  • Highly break-resistant
  • Vibrant and natural
  • Easy to install, even on underfloor heating
  • Durable and effortless to maintain
  • 15-year warranty

The Ideal Floor Covering – Also for Walls

Be inspired by CELENIO: The boards are very easy to install and can be cut with standard woodworking tools. With CELENIO you can design your own creative installation patterns for your floor. Just 8 mm thick, the floorboards fit underneath every door.

That’s why this HARO floor covering is perfect for remodelling and renovations. And with the new HARO wall mounting systems, you can also install the CELENIO wood floors on the wall – and give your rooms a really unique look. Cover unsightly walls with an appealing textile look, a raw concrete looks or an elegant natural stone effect. There are almost no limits to your imagination.

celenio walls

Styles – Our CELENIO by HARO range

The different styles of the CELENIO floor coverings offer a wide variety of natural stone colours. From light sandstone to elegant dark slate, it provides the perfect HARO wood floor with stone effect. For individualists CELENIO’s Papyrus design even offers a floor that looks just like textile. What’s great about all the CELENIO floor coverings is that they are also easy to mount to the wall with the new HARO mounting systems.

Atrium – Country-style slate design

Modern interior design is unthinkable without slate. Beauty, elegance and the timeless character of its pleasant colour, surface and texture add that special something to any room. What’s even better is that it now comes in a unique, warm wood material instead of cold stone.

Dimensions (H x W x L): 6,5 x 350 x 703 mm

Ardesia – Elegant Slate Design

A calm appearance paired with trendy colours and an unusual texture impress with fascinating elegance. CELENIO ARDESIA is the perfect complement to a stylish interior design. With its warm material and easy installation, this wood floor is convincing in every respect.

Dimensions (H x W x L):   6,5 x 350 x 703 mm

Athos – natural stone design

Available in a choice of nine attractive colour shades with a natural stone texture. It provides the ideal setting for an exciting yet comfortable design environment with that special atmosphere only wood can create.

Dimensions (H x W x L):    6,5 x 350 x 703 mm

Your eyes tell you it’s stone… but your touch reveals that it’s wood.

The passion for wood and the curiosity for the unusual has led to the unique innovation CELENIO – the unique wood floor. An important milestone on the way to reaching this goal was the development of the novel Harolith1 material – a wood mixture from which wood flooring with the look of stone, slate, textile and concrete is created. The result is more than impressive: CELENIO by HARO opens up previously unimaginable design possibilities and offers you comfortable advantages.

Celenio Care & Cleaning

CELENIO Care & Cleaning

The CELENIO wood floor coverings with stone effect are very easy to clean and care for. Generally, dry cleaning using a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner with parquet brush is all you need to do. To keep your HARO floor with natural stone effect looking beautiful for a long time, wipe up any wet spots immediately.

When it’s raining or snowing outside boots will track in a lot of dirt, making it inevitable to give your CELENIO wood floor a damp wipe once in a while. Designed for the special requirements of CELENIO wood floors, we recommend clean & green natural for the regular damp cleaning of CELENIO design floors. Please note that steam cleaning machines are not suitable for cleaning CELENIO. In short: keep your wood floor dry!

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Kaye Parker
Kaye Parker
This was the easiest process I've been involved in. Their showroom is fantastic - so many different flooring options laid out and very knowledgeable staff able to talk me through the pros and cons and my budget. They turned up on the day and laid my beautiful Haro flooring and oh my it's gorgeous. I would thoroughly recommend Haro Flooring, I'm uploading a photo to show how gorgeous it is in my newly renovated Arrowtown cottage. Thanks everyone Kaye Parker
Annabelle Numaguchi
Annabelle Numaguchi
Excellent product. I love walking into my warm home and being greeted by the honey glow of my Haro flooring. It looks beautiful!
Brett O'Donnell
Brett O'Donnell
Great product and great installation service too.
Doss Lee
Doss Lee
Good job, we are the PVC and pp sports flooring manufacturer too.
Pascale Lorre
Pascale Lorre
Great service, efficient and friendly, and really solid quality laminate floor. I have had the entirety of my holiday rental home layed with an Haro laminate and despite the high turn over of guests, including children, babies and dogs, it is still in pristine condition. Thanks again Graeme and Vicky for flawless experience.
Nick Tez
Nick Tez
Nigel Atherfold
Nigel Atherfold
hard to fault - great range, great service, great follow up. looks fantastic!!
Warren Symons
Warren Symons
Loved the wide selection of products and friendly service that comes with it! The timber tiles made an excellent addition to my living room, top quality!