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Attractive Formats

You can make your floor the star attraction of the room or blend into the background.

attractive formats

Plank 1-strip adds a Mediterranean flair to the room and has a clear-cut, spacious effect. For a touch of elegance, you can combine this design with a light-coloured wood type like the classical oak. If you want to create a striking impact, choose a dark wood type with a distinctive grain pattern. By the way, the top layer of each plank consists of a single, comparatively wide strip of wood. This underlines the attributes of each wood in an especially way.

plank 1-strip

Board dimensions: 180 x 2200 mm

Longstrip brings life to your home. Each floorboard is composed of offset parallel strips arranged in a regular pattern. This gives the floor design its special character and modern appearance, and adds an individual touch to every room. 



Board dimensions: 180 x 2200 mm

The extra-wide Plank 1-Strip format creates an impression of generous space and elegance. 



Board dimensions: 240 x 2200 mm

With the board format, you make a clear decision

As you like it – From classical Plank 1-Strip to Longstrip timber flooring, there is a huge variety of design options to complement every interior design and style – whether it’s classic or contemporary.

Another aspect worth noting is the room size. It plays an important role because the floor design and pattern can make the room appear larger or smaller. The board format is another factor with which you can influence the overall impression of a room. A Plank 1-Strip floor has a calm visual impact, while the Longstrip design has a lively effect.

Whichever format you choose, you never have to make any compromises, but can design your living areas with the most beautiful Wood Flooring.