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Inspirations by HARO

Sustainable: What Does It Really Mean?

More Pictures There are sustainable foods, sustainable building materials, sustainable policy, sustainable holiday travel, etc., etc., etc. The concept of sustainability is used excessively especially lately and is applied to almost every aspect of life. This blurs the semantic contents so that in many cases, hardly anyone knows what, exactly, is meant by it. So [...]

When Nature Moves In

A house becomes a home when it makes you really feel at home. This is why people pay increased attention to furnishing their home as natural and healthy as possible. Because your own home should be a healthy and pleasant place of retreat in the hectic and digital world of today. This explains why the [...]

Kitchen Trends 2016-2017

More Pictures Kitchen Trends 2016/2017 – The Latest Kitchen Talk Culinary delights are created in the kitchen – here are the latest trends! Gone are the times when people cooked behind closed doors. Nowadays, it is done right in the midst of everyday life. In most homes, the kitchen and living room merge seamlessly. In [...]

Top 5 Trends In Staircase Design

More Pictures The Latest Trends in Staircase Design With the booming popularity of open living, the staircase has advanced to become a focal point in the house. From being solely an object for usage, staircases have transformed into designer pieces. It is therefore no surprise that over the last few years trends have developed in [...]

Humorous Home Décor

More Pictures Humorous home décor that puts a smile on your face Laughter is the best medicine. A person who laughs suffers from less anxiety and feels better all-around. Although scientists still don’t know exactly why we laugh, there’s lots of evidence that it has a beneficial effect. To take just one example: children who [...]

2016 Living Trends

More Pictures Cosier, warmer, more colourful and lighter: the living trends that await us in 2016. No radical break from previous years, but rather a gentle progression, and one that leaves much room for our own personal preferences. A girl or a boy? When you look at the two colours of the year chosen by [...]

Why Floors Should Be One Of The Most Important Investments When Buying A Property

More Pictures On The Grounds Of Hard Facts - Why Floors Should Be One Of The Most Important Investments When Buying A Property Property is the most popular investment for many people at the moment because it is seen as the safest. The strong demand is driving up prices. Anyone who still wants to fulfil their [...]

Living Psychology: I Feel Really Comfortable Here!

More Pictures Which room, which colours, which furnishings are good for me? Anyone who knows the answers to these living psychology questions leads a happier and healthier life. How do you like an open kitchen? Do you like it when the TV is on in the adjacent living room and the children are playing with [...]

Design Radiators – Alluring and Beautiful Warmth

More Pictures Architects are actually huge fans of underfloor heating, as it gives them more freedom when it comes to designing rooms. The radiators we present here might, however, change their minds, as the radiators themselves are highlights of interior design. Do you remember the first massive central heating radiators, extravagantly ornamented and made of [...]